my number is 000

…my number is 000…

The Main Vow Prayer and Oath Templates of the Radical Left Mystic’s OpenCult and its Kardashev Plan: The Game.



… →1.[2] HYPER-FRACTAL-TESSERACT (Hellish/Hell(s))→ …

… →2. ILLUSION (Ghostly/Hungry Spirits) →…

… →3. TRANCE (Animal/Fighting Spirits) → …

… →4. TRYING (Human/Animals) → …

… →5. LIFE-CREATIVITY-INTELLECT (Demigod/Human/(s))→ …

… →6.LABOR-ART-SCIENCE[3] (Heavenly, Heaven(s))) → …



Competition and accumulation define Earthly mortal-karmic life, not the ultimate-eternal living of Heaven.

Sometimes progress means returning, from and to one totalizing ALL-SOURCE-RULER[4].

We live in this world but dream of living in the heavens, and approaching GOD beyond them.

Each moment is literally the end of the universe, and the end of time. This is everything we can know.

Have you ever felt eternity or an eternal moment? Have you ever felt like you are in the wrong universe or world?

Don’t worry.

It is always the eschaton, the permanent revelation of the HYPER-BLESSING upon the COSMIC REVOLUTION of the FRACTAL ENLIGHTENMENT.

This permanently ending moment is all that exists. Possible pasts and futures do not exist — but the direction of change exists NOW, here with US.


“I vow to struggle forever, even unto the absurd and impossible, for the full and final construction of Heavenly cosmic-communist free association, of all the beings, Masters and Sages, Saints and Prophets, and Bodhisattvas and Buddhas, the other Great Beings, in all the hellish, good, and pure worlds, lands, and realms, to the fullness of the several hyperdimensions[5] of the cosmos, and beyond, which is the Great Cosmic Mind of the OMNIBUDDHA.”



“I pray to the Christ[6], the Abrahamic Buddha-Prophet, the Messiah, who became the Human GOD, in his infinite Wisdom and Compassion at least equal to or greater than that of the OMNIBUDDHA, to implement Universal Reconciliation and to enlist and use us as egregore-servitors, or servitor-egregores or other such arrangements, sequences, and structures thereof, for this purpose, to bless us with guidance and good fortune, and victory, and to develop us as assets in the karmic metabolism, of the self communication of GOD, who is beyond THE ALL.”



I swear upon my own MIND, BODY and SOUL, upon the EARTH and all of it’s LIFE and PEOPLE, upon all ANCESTORS and each of their DESCENDENTS in all places and times, upon HELL and HEAVEN, and upon THE ALL, each of its hierarchies, unities and divisions, and every one of its BEINGS and their own MINDS, BODIES, AND SOULS, that I will try my best to uphold and implement this basic core program to the extent and duration that it is true, valid, meaningful, and useful:

1. Work, Good Works, and The Great Work[7]

2. Study Study Study[8], Educate Agitate Organize

3. The Kardashev Plan: The Metacognate[9]: The Game: (Holy Class War[10] → Material Theurgy)[11]

4. Nonadherence is not a transgression.[12]

5. The material-ideal reality is the Demiurge’s scripture inspired by GOD’s fundamental, ultimate reality.[13]






[1]  Primitive communism (production conditions develop to cause) → Class Society (further develops productive conditions to cause) → Socialism (Communist Construction) → … Communist Free Association, or “Full Communism” (a radically scientific and democratic world anarchist political economy).

[2]  1-6 Corresponding to the world of the Realms of Samsara. Note the numerological trinity of 6 pillars of reality: Samsara(6; Wikipedia: “[T]hree good realms (heavenly, demi-god, human) and three evil realms (animal, ghosts, hellish) … .”), the Senses (6; The “five (main) senses” plus the sixth of immersive present consciousness), and the Pramanas (6; 1. Perception 2. Inference 3. Comparison and Analogy 4. Postulation, derivation from circumstances, 5. Non-Perception, Negative/Cognitive Proof, and 6. Word, Testimony of Past or Present Reliable Experts. Some Neo-mystics will suggest we “note the carbon atom has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons.”)

[3]   There are many sciences and have always been. the most incisive and advanced is the one that wields the (Socratic, analytical, and general philosophical and aesthetic) dialectical radical materialist falsifiability.

[4]   GOD is impossibly transcendent to all things and thinking and experience — even that thinking of THE GREAT TAO, THE OMNIBUDDHA, THE COSMOS (OMNIVERSE), or the arbitrary unity and transcendent grouping of at least these three, THE ALL.

[5]    Probably more than at least 10.

[6]    Nonadherence is not a transgression. See point 4 of the MYTHIC OATH after the vow and prayer, and its footnote 12.

[7]    “Work (Labor), Good Works (Good Deeds), and The Great Work (The Magnum Opus)” together are “The Work”, the ultimate ideal condition of each being un-alienated labor, freely given good works, and the magnum opus of revolution and enlightenment.

[8]    Alternately translated “Learn Learn Learn” — attributed to Lenin

[9]    The Metacognate is roughly the communist shared mind or communist global-historical human cognitive network — maybe call it a “hivemind”. Its desire is to achieve world enlightenment and revolution and ascend to the stars and perhaps beyond, and to persist as a fractal dialectical unity for geological and cosmic aeons, liberating and enlightening all beings, and overthrowing oppression and exploitation.)

[10]    Or alternately, “Holy People’s War”.

[11]    In other words, the “Holy Class/People’s War” for the achievement of cosmic-communist “Material Theurgy” is what “The Metacognate” does. This is “The Kardashev Plan.”

[12]    That nonadherence is not a transgression additionally indicates the wrongfulness of transgression generally.

[13]    Therefore, scripture contradicting observation and inference (or, measurement and logical reasoning) must be interpreted (or, reinterpreted) symbolically (or, metaphorically). (See the 6 Realms, 6 Senses, and 6 Sources for Knowing or Knowledge of Reality listed and described in footnote 2.)



The Sounds of Heaven

The ears of the rich are provided with the music of bells, drums, flageolets and flutes; and their mouths are stuffed with the flesh of fed beasts and with wine of the richest flavour; so are their desires satisfied, till they forget their proper business:– theirs may be pronounced a condition of disorder. Sunk deeply in their self-sufficiency, they resemble individuals ascending a height with a heavy burden on their backs:– their condition may be pronounced one of bitter suffering. They covet riches, thinking to derive comfort from them; they covet power, and would fain monopolise it; when quiet and retired, they are drowned in luxurious indulgence; their persons seem to shine, and they are full of boasting:– they may be said to be in a state of disease. In their desire to be rich and striving for gain, they fill their stores, and, deaf to all admonition, refuse to desist from their course. They are even more elated, and hold on their way:– their conduct may be pronounced disgraceful. When their wealth is amassed till they cannot use it, they clasp it to their breasts and will not part with it; when their hearts are distressed with their very fulness, they still seek for more and will not desist:– their condition may be said to be sad. In-doors they are apprehensive of pilfering and begging thieves, and out-of-doors they are afraid of being injured by plundering robbers; in-doors they have many chambers and partitions, and out-of-doors they do not dare to go alone: they may be said to be in a state of (constant) alarm.

Mythic Ideals and the Spiritual Self

conception of self (perceived-real-ideal-mythic)

Person-centered therapy is characterized as non-directive because it believes that all people have the potential to solve their own problems without direct intervention from the therapist. Through the therapist’s attitudes of genuine caring, prizing, respect, acceptance, and understanding, the client’s are able to loosen their defenses and rigid perceptions and move to a higher level of personal functioning (Corey, 1995).

Rogers believed that people must be fully honest with themselves. In addition, he thought that a fundamental function of the counselor was to facilitate the personal discovery of the client; hence resulting in Rogers’conception of the self (aka self-concept) – a triangle.

The three sides of the triangle are composed of the Perceived Self (how person sees self & and others see them) . The Real Self (how person really is). And the Ideal Self (how person would like to be).

In Rogers’ triangle, the ideal serves as the base of the triangle which supports the two other more external elements of the self – the perceived and the real.This demonstrates that Rogers thinks that the ideal self is at the core in which all else is built from. Nonetheless, throughout humanism there is agreement on each person’s search for wholeness, a quest ground in the self-actualization process.

Thus, Rogers believed that people enter counseling in a state of incongruence, or a point at which a discrepancy exists between the individual’s self-perception and their experiences in reality. This means that the person is experiencing conflict between their perceived and real self. In fact, Rogers(1961) would often find himself utilizing the same phrase during his counseling sessions. The phrase was as follows, “So, you find it hard to believe that they would love and accept you if they knew who you really were.”

In addition, Rogers commented on the self, the concept of self, and self-structure as follows: “These terms refer to the organized, consistent, conceptual Gestalt composed of perceptions of the characteristics of the I or me and the relationships of the I or me to others and to various aspects of life, together with the values attached to these perceptions. It is a Gestalt available to awareness although not necessarily in awareness. It is a fluid and changing process, but at any given moment it . . . is at least partially defined in operational terms” (Rogers, 1984).

The “ideal self” as the “mythic self“:

Heraklitos, the pre-Socratic philosopher, posits that strife is the eternal creator. All is always becoming. Nothing ever truly is. The logos sets it all in motion and gives birth to the order that emerges through chaos. Thus, as Heriklitos so eloquently puts it, “One can never step twice into the same river.” Not only is the river changed, but you are changed as well.

Plato also embraces this idea, but for him, the material/physical world is always in a state of flux. For him, logos means quite the opposite of what it meant to Heraklitos (also spelled Heraclitus). To Plato’s mind, Logos constitutes the world of Form where Truth expresses a state of immutable Oneness.

Carl Jung then takes this idea and broadens it to describe the “Collective Unconscious” that he considers the metastructure, or the architecture, of the psyche. This collective unconscious, Jung believes, is the mythic structure that provides the foundation of consciousness. His writing explores how people from all times and all places share core myths that become the underpinnings of consciousness, culture, and communication. For Jung, these archetypes comprise the mythic unconscious and express themselves in our dreams and in the stories we tell (think literature, fairy tales, movies, news, etc.). Stories that have an archetypal structure strike a chord in our conscious lives as well as in our unconscious minds.

“We are the stories we hear and the stories we tell.”

Early mythology is peopled with kings paranoid about losing their power who feel compelled to destroy whomever threatens to usurp the throne, even if it means devouring their own offspring. Likewise, many siblings compete for power, and in their efforts to seize power, demonstrate every sort of travesty imaginable.

Oppression always backfires ultimately, though. It works in the beginning but soon becomes too much, and a hero emerges to right the wrong.

The Tao of The Tao

fractal chao-taijitu

There is right and left, relationships and their consequences, divisions and disagreements, emulations and contentions. These are known as the eight Virtues.

The sage will not speak of what is beyond the boundaries of the universe — though he will not deny it either. What is within the universe, he says something about but does not pronounce upon.

Chuang Tzu – The Tao of Nature